Day 1 of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010

These resources can be found at the Churches Together website.

1. How do you and your church celebrate life?
2. How might others learn through you that Christ is alive?
3. In what ways do you feel you are growing more Christ-like, and in what ways do you feel you are not?

Genesis 1:1. 26-31,
Psalm 104:1-24,
1 Corinthians 15:12-20,
Luke 24:1-5 – The resurrection is revealed to the women first.

FOCUS: Why do you look for the living among
the dead?
(Luke 24: 5)

A time to mourn,
and not to celebrate;
to anoint lovingly
the tortured corpse
of a beloved master.
Who are the shining strangers?
Resurrection dawns
at the pit of deepest despair;
at the end of a restless night,
fear of what was to come,
oil and spices,
women in tears,
blurred vision and leaden-like limbs.
Morning dawns,
light breaks through,
awesome truth,
the world is changed,
a penny drops.

O God, who created us out of your love
and who longs for love to flourish,
we pray for those whose spirits are grieved,
whose hope has died,
enduring the gloom of half light
and longing for morning to come.