Day 3 of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010 - Wednesday

These resources can be found at the Churches Together website.

1. When and in what ways are you aware of
God’s presence?
2. Are you aware of today’s global celebrations
and tragedies, and how do you respond to
these in your daily life?
3. Is there something more that you or
your church could do to respond to these

1 Samuel 3:1-10; Psalm 23; Acts 8:26-40;
Luke 24:13-19a –Jesus, the unrecognised companion on the road

FOCUS: Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem
who does not know the things that have
taken place there in these days?
(Luke 24: 18)

Walking the rough road
back from Jerusalem,
the air heavy with our disappointment,
with sadness, loss, regret.
(“Where is the one who should redeem Israel?”)
We were aware of the stranger
matching his footsteps to our own.
How could we guess
that this unrecognised companion
would yet reveal himself
in such a simple action
as the sharing of a loaf of bread?

Lord Jesus,
you encounter us
and walk alongside us in everyday life.
We pray for the grace to be aware of your loving
and of all that you offer us,
so that we may give greater witness
to our faith and trust in you.
God we walk the same road as those from whom
the incidents of history have divided us.
Draw us ever closer,
so that together we may reflect the unity
for which your son prayed.