Day 4 of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010 - Thursday

These resources can be found at the Churches Together website.

1. Who has inspired your faith?
2. What is it in your faith that inspires you each
3. How has your history shaped you?
4. How can you pass on the good things of your

Deuteronomy 6.3-9; Psalm 34; Acts 4,32-35;
Luke 24: 19-27 – He opened the
Scriptures to them.

FOCUS: What things?

The past is not entirely past
but flows unseen; a hidden stream,
life-giving source in barren seasons
yet sometimes, sadly, trapped in stagnant pools.
When broken dreams disorientate disciples,
leaving them orphaned from meaning and hope,
there comes, afresh, traditions transforming truth
to reassemble God’s life-giving pattern.
Moses and the prophets heard long ago
the promise of one who was yet to come,
in whose life and death and resurrection
earth and heaven were reconciled as one.

Grant us, O Living and Redeeming Lord,
the eyes to see into and beyond our traditions.
Give us the gift of discernment
so we can pass to each other those things
which build up your Body, which is your Church.
Give me eyes to see,
and ears to hear your voice of love.
Lead me so to act each day
that I may display the Unity which is in your
Church and World.
God, we pray for overwhelmed souls
broken by shattering events,
dismayed by fading dreams,
grieving and grasping in equal measure.
May salvation’s story in Jesus Christ be their
strength and song.