Day 5 of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010 - Friday

These resources can be found at the Churches Together website.

1. How does the suffering of people you know
affect you?
2. How has your own experience of suffering
affected your faith?
3. How do reports of the suffering, oppression
and poverty of people you don’t know affect
your life?
4. How does Jesus bring hope for those who

Isaiah 50.5-9; Psalm 124; Romans 8.35-39;
Luke 24:25-27 How foolish you are, and slow of heart to believe

FOCUS: Was it not necessary that the Messiah
should suffer?
(Luke 24: 26)

Words known from childhood,
Moses and prophets,
marks of identity,
source of security,
now burst with new meaning.
Was it not necessary?
Suffering and glory
life lost for life gained
and all our pain
redeemed in his rising.

God, we praise you for the faithfulness of Jesus,
embracing us through the suffering of the cross
and drawing us deep into your amazing love.
We thank you that we have a Suffering Saviour
who has known betrayal, persecution and injustice;
who has endured torture of body and mind.
We thank you for all whose suffering has reflected
your grace and dignity.
We pray, O God, for all who suffer: those who feel
forsaken, those who bravely struggle on and those
who simply want it to end.