Day 7 of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010 - Sunday

These resources can be found at the Churches Together website.

1. How do you cope with your own fears and doubts?
2. How might you be a cause of fear and anxiety
for others?
3. How may Christian communities encourage
one another in faith and hope?

Job 19:23-27; Psalm 63;Acts 3:1-10;
Luke 24: 36-40 - The disciples were startled and terrified

FOCUS: Why are you frightened, and why do
doubts arise in your hearts?
(Luke 24:36-40)

We shrink life to fit,
and hope is drained
and trust is strained,
and doubt dominates.
It is not that we don’t see,
it is precisely that we do:
that death does not lay to rest
the troublesome truth of faith.
And in the chaos Christ’s rising brings,
terror is not ghostly discomfort,
but worldly disquiet,
that now it all changes:
hope is healing
but a heartache too,
and trust costs lives.

God our comfort and guide,
when our doubts are deepest
and our fears are darkest,
you are there,
though our clouded perception may miss your
Make us each secure and supportive,
atune to the sensitivities of others,
that we may be encouraged in faith and hope
on our journey to you.