I have posted the link to this Margaret Rizza song before - but really I don't think I have overdone it! It is a beautiful song and a good follow up to my previous post about discerning the way forward and seeking to follow God's promptings.

These are the words of the song:

Silent, surrendered, calm and still,
open to the word of God.
Heart humbled to his will,
offered is the servant of God.

Text: Pamela Hayes

It is featured on Rizza's CD Fountain of Life

I would like to suggest that you find a comfortable place to sit, open your heart, open your hands and arms, and offer the time ahead to God - to be used by God's Spirit to commune with yours. Then click on the link below and close your eyes, allowing the sung words to become your words.

After the song has finished, remain in silence for a while...
If you find your mind wandering, then perhaps use your breathing to steady yourself and keep yourself present to God. On your in-breath say the word, 'Silent', and on the out-breath, 'Surrendered' - while allowing yourself to deeply surrender to God. This is one way to remain 'soaked in prayer' as I mentioned in the earlier post.

And may God's blessing be with you.


  1. Susan Bailey  

    9 October 2012 at 15:13

    So glad I found your site! I've heard this beautiful song on the Pray As You Go podcast a couple of times and I love it, but I could never figure out the all the words. Now I can sing it to myself all I want. Thanks.