I have recently attended my church's parish weekend in North Wales, which was on the theme of Celtic Christianity, so when I read this, it made me smile as I remembered the fun and laughter we had on the weekend.

Not everyone on the weekend was in the best health or in a 'good place' but, even in such times and circumstances, if we open our hearts to God, we can experience the joy of the Holy Spirit moving within us. This isn't the fleeting, frothy emotion that we sometimes call 'happiness' but a deep sense of God's abiding presence in all we are, all we see and all we do.

Enjoy the prayer!

A Celtic Prayer on Joy
Celtic Knot
As the hand is made for holding and the eye for seeing,
You have fashioned me for joy.
Share with me the vision that finds that joy everywhere.
In the wild violet’s beauty;
In the lark’s melody;
In the face of a steadfast man;
In a child’s smile;
In a mother’s love;
In the purity of Jesus.

A Maclean, Hebridean Altars, Moray Press, Edinburgh, 1937