This is the second of four posts during Holy Week 2009.

The poem that Andrew Rudd had chosen for today - Tuesday in Holy Week, 2009 - is one called 'The Coming'. I was unable to attend the service where he gave his reflection so I cannot share the gist of his thoughts with you. However, I can share mine!

I find this an amazing poem - one that causes an intake of my breath whenever I read it. Probably because, each time that I do read it, I get another small glimpse into the nature of divine love. Sometimes those glimpses are fleeting - just when you think you have grasped something, it slips from your understanding. But you are always left with the memory of that revelation - the revelation that there is something greater, more encompassing, far more incomprehensible that we can ever imagine.

So I leave you with the poem by R S Thomas:

The Coming

And God held in his hand
A small globe. Look he said.
The son looked. Far off,
As through water, he saw
A scorched land of fierce
Colour. The light burned
There; crusted buildings
Cast their shadows: a bright
Serpent, a river
Uncoiled itself, radiant
With slime.

On a bare
Hill a bare tree saddened
The sky. Many people
Held out their thin arms
To it, as though waiting
For a vanished April
To return to its crossed
Boughs. The son watched
Them. Let me go there, he said.

Many blessings.

Monday in Holy Week