We all have rhythms to our lives. Our rhythm of waking and sleeping, perhaps a rhythm of work time and non-work time, family rhythms, physiological diurnal rhythms, female monthly rhythms.

If you have a spiritual director/soul friend you might hear them talk of your own rhythm of life - your rhythm of prayer and relatedness to God - the ebb and flow of your spiritual life.

As with all rhythms, individuals and communities differ in speed, depth and content of their rhythms and this is no less true with our spiritual rhythm than any other. However, despite our differences, we can often learn useful tips from people who have trodden similar paths in the past. Christians through all ages and of differing types of spirituality have testified to the helpfulness of specific daily times of prayer. From those who have engaged in the monastic lifestyle from the early days of the church to the more recent evangelical's 'quiet time' - a regular daily prayer pattern has been a fulfilling and humbling experience for many.

Of course, it takes self-discipline and commitment to carry on with a regular prayer pattern through the ups and downs of life. That's why its often good to have someone to talk to about it or even to meet up with and pray together sometimes.

It's also useful to have some external input to help structure your prayer times, if you want to maintain them over a long period of time. Perhaps you are one of those who use some form of Bible notes? Being an Anglican, I love to sink myself in beautiful liturgy, but have often found books of daily prayer can be incredibly dull!
One I do love is Prayer rhythms for busy people by Ray Simpson. I love Ray Simpson's turns of phrase and his warmth - and its short enough for a busy person like me!

Here is a prayer from Wednesday Morning Prayer:

Let us arise today in the Spirit's power:

In the place of fear,
God's strength to uphold me;

In the place of emptiness,
God's wisdom to guide me;

In the place of confusion,
God's eye for my seeing;

In the place of discord,
God's ear for my hearing;

In the place of froth,
God's word for my speaking;
to save me from false agendas
that harm my body or soul.

I wonder what your rhythm of life is like? Is it as haphazard as mine?! Have you thought about changing or refining it? Does it include time that you put aside just to meet with God?

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  1. Anonymous  

    7 August 2009 at 09:43

    I am far more reflective and listening in my quiet times these days....but I find icons or views very helpful to keep me focused at times.
    This prayer reminds me of the Every Day God song you introduced me to...that has been so helpful and so uplifting..and I hope to use it in the CASAI Conference in Nov..(wud be great if you and anyone you know were able to come..9th Nov)
    I guess like all rythms...they are changeable whoever is playing/leading/participating....and mine change according to family traumas..moods...tiredness....
    but always believe that Gods heartbeat keeps me in tune...


  2. Kath Williamson  

    7 August 2009 at 17:58

    That is a lovely response, Col. Thank you. What does CASAI stand for?

  3. Anonymous  

    8 August 2009 at 21:11

    CASAI Church Action on Sexual abuse Issues..........
    I work as far as Southport and the wirral and Warrington........
    I do signpost anyone on the edges of Speke?Gartson/Runcorn...in your direction if looking for an alive Church...and certainly your cafe Church(much easier for some women to come into a cafe!!) I will pop in one Wed night when i can get a lift,

  4. Kath Williamson  

    8 August 2009 at 22:43

    Yes - do, Col. It's a very relaxed chatty time.

  5. Jackie Bellfield  

    14 August 2009 at 09:44

    The rhythm is going to get you is what the song suggested. Some rythmns take time but then as I relax it all becomes alot easire to go with it. Thanks for your inspirational words.