The advantages of a dispersed Christmas!

Christmas this year is going to be stretched over a lengthy period. The members of my family who were due to join me for Christmas lunch yesterday were, sadly, holed up at home with a tummy bug - so Christmas Day with them has been delayed till next week! Yesterday I had a mini-Christmas morning at home. This morning - Boxing Day - I have had another Santa moment with one of my friends.
In addition to my forthcoming 'Christmas morning' with my grand-children (the ones currently throwing up at home), I will be having another festive celebration with two friends next week, when they have returned from their seasonal travels.

Now some of you may be thinking - what a shame - but you would be quite wrong. Normally, on Boxing Day, I get the start of my post-Christmas let-down. Well, I'm as bright as a button today - I still have lots of Christmas to come. Perhaps I should try extending it right through January next year - the most dismal month of the year for me. Of course, this wouldn't quite fit in with the Church calendar, but what the heck? ;-)

And just for interest, even if a little late:
Give as well as get